Creating paintings for the series "A Place in Time" and "Portraits of Home"

As I sit down with my clients and prepare to discuss the contents of the commission, I ask them to describe the memorable events they want captured in their painting. We talk about the people, pets, buildings, time of day, season, types of cars, etc., anything that they feel is significant. By capturing those unique details associated with their memories, the painting becomes a collection of mementos that can help them to connect with the special people, places and events from their past.

These ideas are translated into my work by approaching each painting as if it were a puzzle, each piece representing a treasured experience, person, place or thing. With my bits of paper compiled, each piece a different memento, I go about creating their landscape of memories. Along with photo references from the client, I am often called to go out and take my own photos and research images on the internet. Using photo references, allows me to create a more authentic experience for the client.

I take inspiration from traditional folk art, in the way that the images are laid out with little regard to accurate perspective, for the sake of expressing the story of related events. Many of my pieces have a perspective that illustrates a view from above, exaggerating the feeling of being removed from the experience, as if in a dream. As we look back on our experiences, we can analyze them from a removed point of view, allowing us the ability to see the essence of what the experience meant to us. It is the sweet and simple joy of those memories, that I attempt to capture in my illustrations.

My color palate is influenced by the whimsey and playful colors seen in children’s book illustrations. Artists and Illustrators like Boris Zvorykin, Maurice Sendak, Alphonse Mucha and Norman Rockwell, will forever inspire me to continue to improve my technical ability, as well as my artistic approach to story telling.

Artist Statement

"As an Artist, I am interested in how the impact of creating and of viewing imagery can be used as a tool to invoke a positive effect, both physically and emotionally. I am inspired by the hope that my artwork may be used as a tool, to connect people and communities, through visual representations of shared experiences.​"

​-Emily L. Taylor